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Our medical negligence lawyers have solicitors offices situated in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin.

Our specialist Melbourne medical negligence solicitors offer free advice to patients and their families on all matters involving medical law, medical negligence compensation claims, coroners inquests and wrongful death. If you have been injured as a result of medical treatment, whether by a doctor, specialist, nurse, midwife, or hospital, you may be able to claim compensation under our No Win No Fee scheme. Free legal advice is available by calling our helpline or completing the online contact form.

For a medical negligence claim to succeed in court, it must be proved that the poor medical outcome was caused by the negligence of the health care provider in falling below the expected standard of care. Establishing medical negligence often requires a complex analysis of medical and legal issues.

The Wrongs Act, has divisions dealing with duty of care, causation, awareness of risk, negligence of professionals and persons professing particular skills (division 5), non-delegable duties and vicarious liability, and contributory negligence. These sections must be read and interpreted in conjunction with the common law.

If a professional has breached their duty of care and this has resulted in damage to the patient, the patient can claim compensation for loss of income, medical and pharmaceutical expenses, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Strict time limits apply when claiming compensation. Therefore you should not delay in seeking legal advice. Failure to lodge a claim in time, may result in you losing out on potential compensation. Call our Melbourne medical negligence lawyers today to find out what time period applies to your particular case.

Our service handles matters throughout Melbourne, so call our toll free helpline whether you are in Bundoora, Ivanhoe, Preston, Reservoir, Kew, Box Hill, Camberwell, Ringwood, Doncaster, Sunshine, Werribee, Williamstown, Frankston, Mornington, Pakenham, Cranbourne etc, we can provide obligation-free help.

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Our Victoria medical negligence solicitors are experts at handling compensation claims on behalf of injured patients and their families. If you have been injured as a result of poor medical treatment, and your need is financial, we can help you claim your entitlements under the law. Complete our online contact form or call our legal team directly to find out how you can claim compensation under a No Win No Fee policy.

The law in Victoria recognises that doctors owe their patients a duty to take reasonable care and that a breach in this duty of care may mean that the doctor (through their insurance company) is liable to compensation for any harm, injury or loss that they have caused. A similar duty of care applies to other health care professionals such as nurses, midwives, dentists, physiotherapists and chiropractors.

Limitation on the time in which Victoria medical negligence solicitors must bring proceedings is usually three years from the date of the negligence that gives rise to the action or three years from the date that the potential claimant knew or should have known about the injury, however there are certain exceptions to this general rule. Limitation is complex and difficult law and advice should always be obtained from a specialist qualified solicitor.

For free advice on no win no pay compensation claims just complete the contact form and a specialist solicitor will phone with advice at no cost and with no obligation.

Our service handles matters throughout Victoria, so call our toll free helpline whether you are in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Latrobe, Warrnambool etc., we can provide obligation-free help.

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